Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When will my listing be published?

Within 24 hours, but often the same day as your listing submission.

2.  Why should I purchase a listing on Joomple?

Primarily, Joomple is the future of local search.  If you are a business that relies on local customers, Joomple will connect you to them.  As the transition from PC's and Laptops to Smart Phones and Mobile Devices happens, more people will be searching for local businesses while on the go.  Joomple is building a new platform for connecting people and local businesses.  Moreover, we are doing it the old-fashioned way; all listings are human-edited and certified.  Businesses no longer need to worry about costly search engine optimization and marketing, algorithm updates, negative reviews, etc.  And, people searching for your business don't have to sort through the sponsored listings to find you.  For more information on why your business should get listed in Joomple today, view the short presentation...

3.  What is the pricing structure?

Text Listings: $25 per month.

Business Card Listings: $35 per month.

4.  How do I submit my business?

Simply complete the listing form on the "Submit" page for the category of your choice.  We'll contact you if necessary.  But, usually all information is provided by you when submitting the form.  We take it from there.  After a quick review, we will post your listing and invoice you later.

5.  How can I pay for my listing?

We accept all major credit cards, and PayPal.

6.  I want to purchase a business card spot.  How do I do that?

Complete the submission form, including the "Upload" link, where your scanned business card is attached.  Or, you may also mail your business card.  Just make a note on the submission form that it is being sent via postal mail.

7.  Why should I purchase a spot for two or more variations of search terms?

If you are a tattoo artist, people will search for "tattoo", "tattoo parlor", "tattoo shop", "tattoos", etc.  If you are a plumber, people will search for "plumber", "plumbers", "local plumber", etc.  You want to take advantage of all the search term combinations.  If you are a veterinarian, people will search for "vet", "veterinarian", "animal hospital", "vets" etc.  That's what you have been optimizing your business website for anyway, isn't it?  You want a top listing for all the search terms.  Now, there is no confusion.

Ask about discounts for multiple search terms.