About Joomple

Congratulations Houston!  Joomple, a quick-loading "just-the-facts" local search engine, was appropriately launched in the Space City in April, 2014. 

Joomple is human-edited.  There is no computer algorithm so there is no need for businesses to perform daunting search engine optimization for their websites in order to get listed on Joomple.  Why should a business spend time and money in an attempt to impress a mechanical voting system in order to compete on the web when they can simply pay for a premium, top-page listing on Joomple?  

Simple, fast-loading, and accurate,  Joomple is also perfect for those on the go.  Used primarily when searching from PC's, tablets and laptops, it is also developed for mobile devices, tablets, I-pads, and smart phones.  New listings are hand-edited every day.  As more and more people transition to mobile devices and smart phones for local search, they're appreciating this quick-loading local search engine, without all the clutter.

Advantages for Businesses

Get Found on Mobile Devices, Smart Phones, Local Search

Did you know that 40% of all smart phone and mobile device searches are for local businesses?  And, 61% of smart phone owners perform local searches.  Joomple is a local search engine for not only PC's, but also Mobile Devices, IPAD's, and Smart Phones.  For local businesses, this means people in the towns you service can find you faster and easier, whether they are searching from a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device.

Local Search is Where it's At

According to a 2012 Pew Internet study, 40% of smart phones and mobile device searches are for local businesses. 78% are looking for a product or service they are thinking of purchasing.  61% of searchers consider local search results to be more relevant.  And, 58% consider local search results to be more trustworthy

Paid Inclusion

A small monthly fee eliminates the trash - $25 for a text listing, and $35 for a business card display.  In other words, only those businesses who legitimately belong are allowed.  Each listing is hand-edited.  These "barriers to entry" allow for a high-quality search engine that benefits both consumers and business owners.  There are no directory websites or other "additional click" links on Joomple.  Searchers get what they are looking for on the first page.  If someone is searching for a plumber in Houston, Texas, a list of plumbers is what he or she gets!  Searching for an HVAC contractor?  What about a Italian restaurant?  Or a Lawyer?  All popular local search categories are represented!

Never Fear Algorithm Updates Again!

You've heard of them... algorithm updates by search engines.  Updates that send your once high-ranking website listing to page two, three, or lower.  All your marketing efforts (and funds spent) are now wiped away.  If a chance algorithm update reduces your rankings for searches related to your business, having some presence in other channels can help offset the impact for your business.  Joomple results are hand-entered and delivered on a single page.  Moreover, a website owner or business can purchase top-page listings - we do not use search bots or algorithms.  The good news is you never have to worry about your business listing falling off the front page in the event of an algorithm update.

Forget About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With Joomple, there are no confusing pay-per-click programs, no need to create local map accounts, study keywords, bet on positioning, etc.  Quit worrying about who is positioned where, how much click-thru's cost, budget restrictions, ad-runs, etc.  Moreover, stop hiring online marketing firms. 

And, don't worry about having to write more website content than your competitors. It's true that your website should be informative.  But, it should also be basic.  You want your website visitors to get excited about your product or service and take action (call, visit, etc.), not become bored from information overload.  Search engine optimization is the driving force behind website information overload (we all know that the more rich textual content on our website, the better is should place in the search engines, right?)  With Joomple, you don't need to have page after page of content on your website, in an attempt to impress upon search engines.  You just need a website!

Unlike pay-per-click, where rates are vague and fluctuate from a few cents to several dollars per click, with Joomple you simply pay one low rate for consistent top-page results.  Stop throwing money at the problem, and start budgeting with a solution!

Monopolize Your Market

There is an opportunity for you to secure your listing on Joomple for up to 10 years!

No Damaging Reviews

While user reviews are helpful for those considering using your product or services, it only takes 1 negative review to damage your reputation and send potential clients running.  There is always at least one person you (or anyone else) can't satisfy!  There are no options for reviewing businesses on Joomple, so you don't have to worry about negative reviews.

No Physical Address Required

Unlike other search engines, you do not need a business address to have a listing on Joomple.  This can be helpful is you're a locksmith, for example, where you home is your business.

Consumers Searching While in Stores or Away from Home

More than half of the U.S. smart phone population used their phone to perform retail research while inside a store in 2011.  79% of smart phone users use their phones to help with shopping and 74% make a purchase as a result.  More than half (52%) of adult cell phone owners used their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions.

Quick Link, Click to Call, Map

Joomple is the new search engine for the all local business keywords.  Your listing on Joomple provides a fast, direct link to your website, a Click to Call function, and Map.

PC & Mobile Local Search Engine

A listing on Joomple benefits your business since web viewers see a consistent search engine for both PC's and Smart Phones!  By 2015 more people will be accessing the Internet via smart phones and mobile devices than PC's. 

Joomple already is a mobile- and smartphone-friendly website - meaning:

   1.  It provides quick, relevant results for local searchers (your potential clients)

   2.  Contains minimal graphics and no bandwidth-taxing "eye-candy" so it loads super fast on PC's, smart phones, laptops, Iphones, Androids, tablets, and other mobile devices

Advantages for Consumers

Minimal, High-Quality Results

Searching for a Greek restaurant in Houston?  That's what you get - listings of Greek restaurants in Houston.  Nothing else.  No restaurant association links, no Fort Worth restaurants, no frustrations.  Only Houston Greek restaurants. 

Simple, Fast, and Accurate

Doesn't it seem that search results lately have become clouded with less-than-relevant results?  Which results are quality, and which aren't?  This matters particularly if you're trying to find a business via your mobile or smart phone in an area where connection speeds are slow.  You don't want to visit websites that are of little value to your search inquiry.  You want quality listings and you want them now.

Just the Facts, Please

People on the go want quick access to the most important local business information.  What is that restaurant's phone number?  Where is the closest tow-truck business? Is there an HVAC mechanic in my town?  With Joomple, you get basic search results, including click-to-call phone numbers and location information.  A link to the business website is also provided, of course.

Find a Particular Business or Get a List

About half of all local searches are done without a particular business in mind; the other half are for business types.  Either way, you're going to find it on Joomple.

Search Locally and/or When On the Go

Use your mobile device, smart phone, tablet, I-pad, etc. to quickly find the information you need about local businesses.  Joomple is for the person who is on the go.  Your time is important. 

Hand-Edited Search Engine

Forget the complication of computer-generated, algorithmic search results.  They will never reach a 100% quality rating.  After all, a computer program is trying to mimic human desires to provide the intended information.  With Joomple, all listings are manually edited to their most appropriate location. 

If your business and/or website isn't listed on Joomple.com, it should be.